Product specifications

item number240-030-024
product dimensionsØ39 x H41,5 cm
designerRoderick Vos
suitableAn intriguing combination of ancient Chinese techniques and influences, and a very modern, 21st century appeal. Seemingly fragile, it’s the vertical lines (busks) that give design strength. As designer Roderick Vos has been working with ceramics for over 20 years, it’s easy to see his love for the material and the clever ways of bringing out the best of it.
finishmulticolour glazed stoneware
weight kg12
price€ 239,00
good to knowThe indicated delivery time may vary because this article is provided by appointment by an authorized furniture carrier.

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Design Roderick Vos


Roderick Vos; A lot of the work at Studio Roderick Vos (a collaboration between partners Roderick and Claire Vos) revolves around connecting the east and the west. This started early on in Roderick’s studies at the Eindhoven Design Academy, which he combined with internships in Tokyo and with Ingo Maurer in München. Roderick and Claire are very much inspired by the craftsmen they employ: “The men and women who blow glass, weld, cast, weave, construct and upholster our dreams add the most emotion to our products.”
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